The 38th Blueprint: Become Unstoppable By Changing 2 Things

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Tired of not feeling enough? Do you feel like your life could be so much more "meaningful"? Do you want to be happy and at peace, finally? If you answered yes, and if you have a passion for personal growth, self-improvement, and spirituality, this book was made for you.

The 38th Blueprint By Meable Club is more than just a book; it's an odyssey that teaches you the power of thoughts and words. It dives deep into the realm of affirmations, faith in God, and self-belief.

At its core, this guide contains 38 powerful affirmations that encourage and teach you to speak, feel, believe, and actualize your innate God-given potential. Each affirmation is accompanied by an insightful deep dive, providing a comprehensive understanding and enriching perspective into living your best, most happy, peaceful life.

Inside, you'll find:

38 Affirmations: Each designed to help you feel, believe in, and awaken the dormant power within you, accompanied by a detailed exploration of who you truly are.

Practical Applications: Real-world applications in each chapter to help you seamlessly integrate each affirmation into everyday life.

Relevant Bible Verses: Every affirmation is supplemented with relevant Bible verses, grounding each statement in God's Word and deepening the connection between affirmation and faith.

Inspiring Quotes: Each chapter has profound quotes handpicked to deepen your perspective and amplify each affirmation's impact.

Interactive and User-Friendly Design: Designed for the modern reader, the digital version of this book offers quick links to a comprehensive table of contents and other interactive elements for easy navigation.

Join the Meable Club in this revolutionary exploration of the self. With every page, find yourself closer to understanding, acknowledging, and manifesting your true essence. "The 38th Blueprint" is more than a guide—it's the compass to your life's grand narrative. We're so excited for you!

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38 Affirmations (w/ in depth breakdowns), Practical Applications (know what to do daily), Relevant Bible Verses (in each chapter, paired with each affirmation), Inspiring Quotes (in each chapter), Interactive and User-Friendly Design (Easy Table of Contents Navigation)

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The 38th Blueprint: Become Unstoppable By Changing 2 Things

0 ratings
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